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You know that social media marketing is an unavoidable part of owning an online business in 2021.

...but does it have to be time-consuming, stressful, and confusing?

Absolutely not.

Using social media to grow your business can be a simple, straightforward, and dare I say, fun task.

You just have to know how to utilize it correctly.

Here’s what I see happening when business owners start to get into social media marketing:

You’re spending hours a day posting and “engaging” (and getting no results from all that work)
You’re posting randomly with no real strategy because someone, somewhere told you to post 3 times a day
You’re struggling to create content that actually connects with your audience
It’s taking hours to create content and you’re burning out
You’re suffering from imposter syndrome, judging if your content is valuable, and comparing yourself to big creators

The social media world can feel like the Wild West, and it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed, but I’m going to not only help you make sense of it all, but also get amazing results from your hard work.

👋🏾 Hey there, I’m Andréa Jones. 👋🏾

I've been putting my life online since 2004 (back when blogging was so uncool).

By the time I started my social media business 10 years later, social media marketing had caught on like wildfire. Everyone was realizing that if you want to grow your business, you need to tap into the power of social media.

But here’s what I quickly realized.
While plenty of people had profiles and were posting, few actually knew how to do so strategically. For many, social media had become a giant hamster wheel with no direction and no real proof of results.

That’s why I created the Savvy Social School.

To teach passion-led business owners how to use social media as a tool to grow your business so that you can create connections, build community, and make your difference in the world.

The Savvy Social School was created to simplify social media marketing. Using our Social Media Success Rockstar Framework, you can start seeing real results even faster.

⚡️ STEP ONE ⚡️
Master Your Message

It’s crucial to present your message loud and clear to your audience and do so consistently. We teach you how to nail down what message you want to share, how to find the perfect audience for your message, and how to make sure your message stands out from the rest.

Build Your Authority

Got your message clarified? Now it’s time to step into the spotlight and build authority in your field. Become the go-to and trusted voice in your community. I’m going to show you how to pick a platform to grow on, craft a strategic posting plan, and create scroll-stopping content, from expert copy to beautiful graphics.

Create An Impact

Let’s leave a lasting impression on your audience. This is where I show you how to truly connect with your audience, build relationships, open yourself for beneficial collaborations, and use paid advertising. You’ll also learn how to leverage trending topics (like all the cool kids do), build a team to further skyrocket your success, and properly measure what’s working and what might need to change.

Here's What Jen Had to Say

“I can create the copy for a week, for example, Instagram in an hour. That just blows my mind that I've been able to do that. Before, it took me forever just to do one post.”

Here's What Diann Had to Say

“I feel confident now, as a result of everything I've learned from you already and will continue to learn from you, that I can use social media strategically, to help me launch the podcast, grow my list, and go from working one to one, to one to many.”


Our goal is to help members like you make your difference in a way that truly serves your clients and customers.

Here’s what the monthly membership program includes:

✨ Access to Savvy Courses✨

This includes:

Instagram Savvy

Linkedin Savvy

Facebook Savvy

Clubhouse Savvy

Visually Savvy (Canva course)

& Twitter + TikTok coming soon!

✨ Canva Template Bundles✨

Customizable Canva templates for:




Legal/financial professionals\

Inspirational quests

Carousels and infographics

And many more!

✨ Monthly Live Training and Special Guest Experts✨

Get access to the best minds in the industry with monthly live training on different subjects.

✨ The Savvy Community✨

They say you’re the sum of the people you hang out with, so hang out with ambitious business owners like yourself. Ask questions, make new friends, and get feedback.

✨ Tech Vault✨

Do you stress about trying to figure out all the bells and whistles of the tools and software?

The tech vault is here to relieve your tech woes and give you tutorials and walkthroughs on different tools and software you can use.

✨ Done-For-You Social Media Posts✨

Save some time and use our expertly premade social media posts.

From engaging Facebook questions, attention-grabbing IG posts, graphics, and more

✨ Weekly CoWorking Sessions✨

It’s not just about what you learn, it’s also what you do.

Every week we host a coworking session to get you motivated and get you implementing the amazing strategies you learn.

It doesn’t stop there though! You’ll also get access to:

2021 Social Media Content Calendar (and access to 2020)
Access to Savvy Social School Challenges (including the popular Social Media Growth Challenge!)
Coaching session recordings and training replays
Plus access to Social Media Unwind, our unique and one-of-a-kind bitesize mindfulness lessons for online entrepreneurs and digital content creators.

Normally access to all of these amazing resources would total up to $5k+, but my goal has always been to make social media marketing resources budget friendly and accessible.

So, your investment is only $57 monthly!
Or save more than $180 and subscribe for an annual membership for $499, giving you instant access to the material.

Who Are the Members?

We’re a proud global community of over 100 members representing a number of different industries. Here are just some of the businesses we serve in the Savvy Social School:


What Makes Us Different?

Honestly, you could probably find courses out there on the very topics we teach here inside of the Savvy Social School. But the thing some “gurus” don’t want to talk about is how fast social media changes.

That’s why the Savvy Social School is more than a course. The level of hands-on feedback you’ll get as a member is invaluable compared to Google searches and YouTube videos.

Here’s the thing — you don’t need another course. You need to take action.

We believe in collaboration every step of the way! Members get support through weekly strategy sessions, live masterclasses, implementation hours, exclusive mindfulness sessions, and more.

At the end of the day, you are a leader. Your community needs you. Are you ready to show up for them?

The Savvy Social School is focused on community and your success, which is why we also have a team of rockstar women who are dedicated to helping you reach your goas!


Katy is the rockstar Programs Coordinator in charge of adding juicy new content added to Savvy Social School as well as updating existing content. Katy supports members of the school and helps them amplify their message across multiple social media platforms

Jemmie is the tech magician and customer support specialist here to make sure the program is running smoothly, our new members are happy, and they get their questioned answers. She helps with login issues, troubleshooting, navigating the course platform and more.

Julie is our paid advertising strategist with experience creating ads for everything from Facebook to YouTube. Spending money on advertising is no small matter and she’s here to help you use ads strategically instead of throwing your money into the virtual wind.
Amanda is our graphic designer for Savvy Social school helping make images and content that go beyond pretty font and colors. Her expert eye helps ensure that graphics and images we you stand out and get attention.

meant it when we said you don't have to figure everything out on your own. We have resources, and experts, ready and excited to help you succeed!

Here's What Joelle Had to Say

“That whole approach that you have is a perfect match for me. That's what I need to hear all the time. I need a recording of Andréa in my head going like, ‘Just one little step. Just one little step today. That's it.’”

Here's What Other Awesome People Are Saying...

You decide your commitment level.

One of our core values is to never lock you into something. If you try the Savvy Social School and don’t find it useful, you don’t have to continue. But most members find that they get a return on their monthly investment from the strategy calls alone.

You’re never left guessing what to do next. The level of communication and hands-on guidance (in addition to the courses and ready-to-post content) is truly rare and can only be found in the Savvy Social School.

Included with Purchase

The Social Media Rockstar Framework - Full Course
The Foundation for Building Profitable Communities Online Through Simple Social Media Solutions
Andréa Jones
Visually Savvy: A Canva Course
Learn How to Use Canva to Easily Create Engaging Social Media Images That Convert
Andréa Jones
Instagram Savvy
How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business
Andréa Jones
Facebook Savvy
Everything you need to know about using Facebook to build your business
Andréa Jones
LinkedIn Savvy
How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business
Andréa Jones
Video Savvy
Learn the fundamentials of video on social media including YouTube, live streaming, and more!
Andréa Jones
TikTok Savvy
A mini course designed to get you started on TikTok today
Andréa Jones
Clubhouse Savvy
A mini course designed to get you started on Clubhouse today
Andréa Jones
Live Session Vault
Access the Recordings of All of the Savvy Social School Live Sessions
Andréa Jones
2020 Social Media Content Calendar
Social Media Inspiration for Every Day of 2020
Andréa Jones
2021 Social Media Content Calendar
Andréa Jones
Done-for-You Social Media Posts
Simply download and use!
Andréa Jones
Pre-Made Canva Templates
Done - for - You Social Media Images Ready to Share in 3 Easy Steps
Andréa Jones
Ultimate Yoga Bundle
Done-for-You Posts, Templates, Captions, Logos, and more!
Andréa Jones
Social Media Brand Bundle for Churches
Cover photos, profile photos, and post templates
Andréa Jones
Social Media Brand Bundle for Freelancers
Done-for-You Posts, Templates, Captions, Logos, and more!
Andréa Jones
Podcast Promo Pack
Captions, Canva Templates, and Stock Photos for Podcasters
Andréa Jones
Wellness Brand Bundle
Includes Done-for-You Posts, Canva Templates, & Fill-in-the-Blank Captions
Andréa Jones
Tribal Fashion Bundle
Quotes, Patterns, and Canva Templates with a Tribal Fashion Twist
Andréa Jones
Financial Services Bundle
Tips, Facts, and Templates
Andréa Jones
The Wild Photography Inspiration Bundle
Includes Quotes, Templates, and Captions
Andréa Jones
Lawyer Bundle {Done-for-You Social Media Posts}
Includes Done-for-You Posts and Editable Canva Templates
Andréa Jones
50+ Inspirational Quotes for Business Owners
Done-for-You Posts, Templates, Captions, Logos, and more!
Andréa Jones
Infographic Template Bundle
Infographic style social media post templates
Andréa Jones
Carousel Post Template Bundle
Featuring over 20 different styles of posts with over 200 different images.
Andréa Jones
Diversity Bundle
Includes Done-for-You Social Media Posts, Captions & Templates
Andréa Jones
Therapist Bundle
Done-for-You Posts, Templates, Captions, Logos, and more!
Andréa Jones
Food Blogger Bundle
Done-for-You Posts, Templates, Captions, Logos, and more!
Andréa Jones
Parenting Bundle
Done-for-You Posts, Templates, Captions, Logos, and more!
Andréa Jones
Meme Templates
Meme style social media post templates
Andréa Jones
The Environmentalist Bundle
Done-for-You Posts, Templates, Captions, Logos, and more!
Andréa Jones
Bundle for Life Coaches
Done-for-You Posts, Templates, Captions, Logos, and more!
Andréa Jones
The Savvy Social School - Community Access
Andréa Jones
The Tech Vault
Access individual tutorials
Andréa Jones
Savvy Social School Challenges
A collection of the challenges hosted for Savvy Social School Members only
Andréa Jones
Social Media Rockstar Framework {Free Mini Course}
Grow Your Business with a Simple Social Media Strategy
Andréa Jones
Social Media Unwind
Bite-sized mindfulness meditations for online entrepreneurs and digital content creators.
Andréa Jones

Original Price: $5,143.97

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just starting my business. Is the Savvy Social School for me?
Yes! The School was created for business owners just like you. The coaching and courses are designed to help at any stage of your business journey.
I'm a social media manager. Can I sign up for the Savvy Social School?
Absolutely! While the school was created for business owners, the courses, trainings, and materials are useful for other social media managers, as well.
Can I sign up for one month and then cancel?
Sure. But you’ll get the best value by maintaining your membership status. Each month comes with private coaching, new trainings and new done-for-you social media posts.
What makes the Savvy Social School different?
The Savvy Social School is more than a bundle of courses. The done-for-you posts alone are enough to give you a leg up. The level of hands on feedback you’ll get as a member is invaluable compared to Google searches and YouTube videos.

"Everything you could ever need to get you started all in a single location. Anything from social media starter kits to templates to social media calendar. It has answers to all my questions as well as extra advice from experts who have already "been there, done that" and are open to helping others. Just an amazing toolkit and community to have on hand through the ups and downs"

- Grislean Palacios,

"Damn, you're good, Andréa! Every time I ask a question, you're the first person ever since I started building my businesses in 2005 that has made a lick of sense. I'm actually getting emotional here. Where the hell have you been hiding woman!?? You have given me hope for the very first time on this subject. Honestly. First time ever."

- Jaime Buckley, Author and Creator of Wanted Hero

"The way that Andréa presents things is so straightforward and practical. She's such a good teacher."

- Amber Hurdle, Host of The Bombshell Business Podcast

"I've really enjoyed the help you provided at Savvy Social School! It's made a big difference for me in understanding how I can use Social Media for success instead of being a distraction!"

- Jonathan Stewart, Musician and Teaching Artist at

"I'm currently in the beginning stages of launching my business on social media. Before being enrolled in The Savvy Social School I was nervous and stuck on finding the perfect strategy to launch my candle business on Instagram. After watching the training inside the school called, how to launch on social media I am now confident that the launch will go well because Andrea equipped me with the tools and strategies to make sure the launch is a success. Any additional questions that came up I was able to email Andrea to receive clarity. I also love that she provides ready-made graphics to post on social media. If you are like me and felt stuck and unsure about launching a business on social media The Savvy Social School is for you! Whatever platform you choose Andrea covers it all. The Savvy Social School is worth every penny!"

- Arion Broussard, CEO, Love Shines Candles

"I am the director of a small nonprofit arts org in Brooklyn and decided 2020 was the time to really understand how to engage with social media and digital marketing with purpose and intelligence. Your school, and podcasts really helped us create a framework for moving forward. Now we know how to pay attention to our results and connect them to scalable changes in our business.

I would say it's a fantastic way to get into a new gear with social media and digital marketing. it's a great 'spring cleaning' for intermediate users, and a welcoming introduction to beginners. "

- Monica Johnson, Director,

"Great well-rounded social media school that goes beyond Instagram and looks at all the social media platforms. The coaching hour where you can get your questions answered live, via Zoom, and feedback on your social media strategy and feed from Andrea is exactly what I needed. I felt stuck and now I have a clear vision where I need to go. 100% worth it!"

- Jessica Rhoades

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