The Savvy Social School

The BEST training and coaching resources for online entrepreneurs and digital content creators who are tired of GUESSING and STRESSING about social media.

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If you're looking for a simple, easy (and fun) way to use social media as a tool to grow your business, the Savvy Social School takes you from wasting time to feeling confident that you’re making the right choice for you and your business.
The Real Deal


Sometimes, social media can feel:
Confusing. Overwhelming. Annoying. Consuming. Mean. Hateful. Yucky.
I know because I’ve been there before!

Hey there, I’m Andréa Jones.

And I've been putting my life online since 2004 (back when blogging was SO uncool). By the time I started my social media business 10 years later, social media marketing was fast and furious. Everyone was doing it.

Here’s what I quickly realized: social media can easily feel like a giant hamster wheel with no direction and no real proof of results.

That’s why I created the Savvy Social School.

To help use social media as a tool to grow your business so that you can create connections, build community, and make your difference in the world.

The Social Media Success Framework


Listen, if you’re on this page, it’s likely that:

  • You’re posting sometimes but those posts don’t seem to make a difference
  • Creating graphics and writing captions is too time-consuming to maintain
  • You’re not sure if the sales that come in are related to social media
  • Your audience isn’t growing (and you may even be losing followers)
  • You can’t afford to waste more time “figuring it out”
  • You need a proven strategy that you can plug-and-play (like, yesterday)

On top of that, you know:

  • You want to be a better business owner
  • You want to have the systems in place that allow you to use social media as a lead-generating machine
  • You want to actually connect with the people who could buy your services or products
  • You want guidance because the techy stuff kinda scares you, but you’re willing to put in the work

The framework helps you create a strategic foundation that allows you to be hyper-focused on social media by spending as little as three hours a week.

That means you get to spend the other 30+ hours doing more of what you love in your business (instead of trying to “figure out” social media).


Our goal is to help members like you make your difference in a way that truly serves your clients and customers.

And your difference goes beyond sales and marketing. Your difference is built on relationships and a community that works for you.

Here’s How It Works


As soon as you click the “join” button and enter your payment information, you’re taken to our welcome video. That video will give you a tour of the School and some suggestions for where to start.

Learn the most popular social media platforms and what’s working right now. Full length courses help you understand everything you need to get started on those platforms. Choose one, master it, and move on to the next one. Here's what we have available when you join:
Facebook Savvy
Instagram Savvy
LinkedIn Savvy
Twitter Savvy (Coming Soon)

YouTube Savvy (Coming Soon)

Visually Savvy: A Canva Course
Social Media Scheduling
… with new training added regularly.

Every week we talk strategy on a live group coaching call. You’re able to connect with me and dozens of other entrepreneurs just like you. The magical part of these calls is that you’re getting your social media strategy questions answered in real time.

These calls cover things like:

  • What platform you should be on
  • What social media tools you should choose
  • How to know if your social media sales funnel is working
  • Social media profile audits
  • Social media growth tactics for your industry
  • How to direct message a prospect (without feeling salesy)
  • Updates and how to pivot when needed

… and more!

It can feel daunting when you have to create your content from a blank canva page. Which is why I hire the best designers to create beautiful social media graphics and leverage my amazing team to research and write social media captions for you.
Monthly Social Media Content Calendar
Every month, you’ll also receive a social media content calendar that’s designed to never leave you guessing about what to post next.

Download Done-for-You Social Media Posts
PLUS, all members receive access to thousands of done-for-you social media captions, graphics, templates, and more!

... and so much more!

Who Are the Members?

We’re a proud global community of over 100 members representing a number of different industries. Here are just some of the businesses we serve in the Savvy Social School:


What Makes Us Different?

Honestly, you could probably find courses out there on the very topics we teach here inside of the Savvy Social School. But the thing some “gurus” don’t want to talk about is how fast social media changes.

That’s why the Savvy Social School is more than a course. The level of hands-on feedback you’ll get as a member is invaluable compared to Google searches and YouTube videos.

Here’s the thing — you don’t need another course. You need to take action.

We believe in collaboration every step of the way! Members get support through weekly strategy sessions, live masterclasses, implementation hours, exclusive mindfulness sessions, and more.

At the end of the day, you are a leader. Your community needs you. Are you ready to show up for them?

Here's What Diann Had to Say

“I feel confident now, as a result of everything I've learned from you already and will continue to learn from you, that I can use social media strategically, to help me launch the podcast, grow my list, and go from working one to one, to one to many.”

Here's What Jen Had to Say

“I can create the copy for a week, for example, Instagram in an hour. That just blows my mind that I've been able to do that. Before, it took me forever just to do one post.”

Here's What Joelle Had to Say

“That whole approach that you have is a perfect match for me. That's what I need to hear all the time. I need a recording of Andréa in my head going like, ‘Just one little step. Just one little step today. That's it.’”

Here's What Other Awesome People Are Saying...

You decide your commitment level.

One of our core values is to never lock you into something. If you try the Savvy Social School and don’t find it useful, you don’t have to continue. But most members find that they get a return on their monthly investment from the strategy calls alone.

You’re never left guessing what to do next. The level of communication and hands-on guidance (in addition to the courses and ready-to-post content) is truly rare and can only be found in the Savvy Social School.

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just starting my business. Is the Savvy Social School for me?
Yes! The School was created for business owners just like you. The coaching and courses are designed to help at any stage of your business journey.
I'm a social media manager. Can I sign up for the Savvy Social School?
Absolutely! While the school was created for business owners, the courses, trainings, and materials are useful for other social media managers, as well.
Can I sign up for one month and then cancel?
Sure. But you’ll get the best value by maintaining your membership status. Each month comes with private coaching, new trainings and new done-for-you social media posts.
What makes the Savvy Social School different?
The Savvy Social School is more than a bundle of courses. The done-for-you posts alone are enough to give you a leg up. The level of hands on feedback you’ll get as a member is invaluable compared to Google searches and YouTube videos.

"Everything you could ever need to get you started all in a single location. Anything from social media starter kits to templates to social media calendar. It has answers to all my questions as well as extra advice from experts who have already "been there, done that" and are open to helping others. Just an amazing toolkit and community to have on hand through the ups and downs"

- Grislean Palacios, Gemlesschosen.com

"Damn, you're good, Andréa! Every time I ask a question, you're the first person ever since I started building my businesses in 2005 that has made a lick of sense. I'm actually getting emotional here. Where the hell have you been hiding woman!?? You have given me hope for the very first time on this subject. Honestly. First time ever."

- Jaime Buckley, Author and Creator of Wanted Hero

"The way that Andréa presents things is so straightforward and practical. She's such a good teacher."

- Amber Hurdle, Host of The Bombshell Business Podcast

"I've really enjoyed the help you provided at Savvy Social School! It's made a big difference for me in understanding how I can use Social Media for success instead of being a distraction!"

- Jonathan Stewart, Musician and Teaching Artist at BusyGuitarist.com

"I'm currently in the beginning stages of launching my business on social media. Before being enrolled in The Savvy Social School I was nervous and stuck on finding the perfect strategy to launch my candle business on Instagram. After watching the training inside the school called, how to launch on social media I am now confident that the launch will go well because Andrea equipped me with the tools and strategies to make sure the launch is a success. Any additional questions that came up I was able to email Andrea to receive clarity. I also love that she provides ready-made graphics to post on social media. If you are like me and felt stuck and unsure about launching a business on social media The Savvy Social School is for you! Whatever platform you choose Andrea covers it all. The Savvy Social School is worth every penny!"

- Arion Broussard, CEO, Love Shines Candles

"I am the director of a small nonprofit arts org in Brooklyn and decided 2020 was the time to really understand how to engage with social media and digital marketing with purpose and intelligence. Your school, and podcasts really helped us create a framework for moving forward. Now we know how to pay attention to our results and connect them to scalable changes in our business.

i would say it's a fantastic way to get into a new gear with social media and digital marketing. it's a great 'spring cleaning' for intermediate users, and a welcoming introduction to beginners. "

- Monica Johnson, Director, Booklyn.org

"Great well-rounded social media school that goes beyond Instagram and looks at all the social media platforms. The coaching hour where you can get your questions answered live, via Zoom, and feedback on your social media strategy and feed from Andrea is exactly what I needed. I felt stuck and now I have a clear vision where I need to go. 100% worth it!"

- Jessica Rhoades

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